How Cryptocurrency Works For Beginners

Cryptocurrency is confusing, often made difficult because of its name. There are bits and dogs? What’s with all the memes? Why does your cousin’s sister’s nephew suddenly have a Lamborghini?, All these questions will be answered below. This section will cover everything you need to know about cryptocurrency so that you can prepare for the future and sound smart at parties.

What Is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is like regular money except it is completely digital- just like electronic data on a computer or mobile device!
Some forms of cryptocurrencies include Litecoin which was created as an alternative form to Bitcoin; Ripple — designed for trading between banks; Dash-a decentralized software system meant to make online transactions cheaper than average by eliminating middlemen fees associated with credit cards or other banking systems; Ethereum- built as blockchain platform intended not only handle payment but also create units called ‘tokens’ which can be used up in various applications within Ethereum itself
Different cryptocurrencies serve different purposes, but they share one thing in common: They each work without being beholden to central agencies such as governments or banks.


Cryptocurrencies allow you to lend, trade, purchase, and borrow money without using your real name, credit score, or even a bank!

Some coins can be used to transfer value (measured in a currency such as dollars) more cheaply and quickly than credit or other traditional methods. It is therefore less expensive to send someone crypto, which can be turned into ordinary currency, than it is to send someone a check or a wire transfer.

Others are the only accepted form of payment or value on exchanges or in software such as video games. This is what made crypto so popular on the dark web years ago when people wanted to buy narcotics or other illegal items over the internet. Rather than paying a drug dealer $20 USD for certain drugs, a person would send the same amount of USD in the chosen crypto (typically bi tcoin) immediately from your crypto wallet to theirs.

Cryptocurrency is not issued by a central authority and does not exist in tangible form (like paper money). However, it is possible, and several countries are striving to develop a crypto coin equivalent to their particular fiat money.


In contrast to a central bank digital money, cryptocurrencies often use decentralized control. A cryptocurrency is deemed centralized if it is minted or manufactured prior to issuance, or if it is issued by a single issuer. Each cryptocurrency uses what is known as distributed ledger technology when it is produced with decentralized control. A blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that acts as a public database for financial transactions.

What cryptocurrencies should I know about and why is it making people rich?

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are two digital currencies that you’ve probably heard of. This is partly due to the fact that the two coins moved from being worth pennies to being worth a lot more in a short period of time. Because they are well-known and have a large number of investors, these currencies are among the most popular among internet users. As a result, they are the subject of the most memes and articles.

This does not imply that they are the best type of cryptocurrency or that they have the greatest intrinsic worth. They are just the most well-known, which in the crypto realm is what gives them their value. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies exist, just as there are thousands of currencies in circulation in countries all over the world.

Because cryptocurrencies vary in value like stocks, some people have become quite wealthy. When Bitcoin initially came out in 2010, it was worth pennies on the dollar, but now it is worth over $60,000 per coin. Because demand for Bitcoin is increasing and supply is decreasing, simple economics dictates that its value will rise.

However, they also fall in value almost as quickly as they go up which is what attracts day traders to crypto. Crypto gains are also taxed like capital gains similar to regular stocks. So if you use an exchange you’ll be taxed since they will report that to the IRS. However, there is a loophole when you pay directly with crypto from one wallet to another so… do with that what you will.You’ve no doubt heard of Bitcoin and Dogecoin. This is primarily because the two coins went from being worth pennies to way, way more than that in a short amount of time. These coins are among two of the most popular for internet users because they are well known, and lots of people are invested in them. Which means they get the most memes and articles created about them.




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